- At Buildview our Solar Water heating experts have more than 10 years industry experience and are registered with the PIRB.

- All installations carry a minimum of  5 year manufacturers Warranty.

- All installations are completed to National Standards and come with a Plumbing compliance certificate.

- Only approved systems and materials are used in all installations.

- Best Value for your money



Solar water heating systems is not only about saving the environment and going green, but also about the savings made on the household electricity bill. On average, 40% of a households electricity usage is just to heat water. So just imagine how much can be saved by installing an efficient solar systems


System types are available as direct and indirect variants. This means that there is a solar system for all climatic conditions, notable frost-prone and frost-free areas.

System types available at Buildview :

- Direct/Indirect thermosyphon system.

- Direct/Indirect split (pumped circulation) systems.

- Cistern type low pressure systems.

- Retrofit Installations to clients existing geyser.


All systems are sized from 100lt to 600lt for Domestic housing.



Heat pumps are one of the most efficient hot water heating systems available, as they utilise the solar heat stored in the surrounding environment. This free environment energy provides approximately 75% of the heat pumps heating energy and only approximately 25% of external energy is required in the form of electricity, in order to achieve a heat output of 100%


At Buildview our team can assist with all your heat pump needs

- Domestic Heat Pumps

- Industrial Heat Pumps

- Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

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